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Rosetta Pace Taylor, MHA, BSW, VHA-CM

Author, Publisher

Disabled US Army Veteran

Initiating a national organization was not my plan! I was newly retired and planning my trip to Antiqua!

Instead, I found myself working with women returning from incarceration. Women! I was used to working primarily with men. AND…there is a DIFFERENCE!

Providing substance abuse counseling to infantry soldiers, overseas in the United States Army; working in the Federal Bureau of Prisons in positions from Correctional Officer to Unit Manager; and working with Veterans in substance abuse and reentry programs, I have experienced many facets of reentry. With a Systems Redesign background and 40 years of service, I was determined to find a way to build a platform for professionals in reentry to network and support each other. I envisioned the National Association of Reentry Professionals, Inc. providing an opportunity for professionals and returning citizens to share best practices (education), networking (collaboration), and setting the standards in reentry (inspiration). I believe, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care!” Focusing on that motto the best reentry practices will be evident in the services we provide to our returning citizens, their families, and our communities.

Reentry is a multifaceted profession that begins from the inside out! It’s like a baby’s mobile. - When one of the parts move, all of the parts move! There are excellent reentry practices when prisons, probation, reentry programs, and community resources pull together. It’s time to recognize our teams and share those outstanding services without discrimination for everyone impacted by incarceration.

The National Association of Reentry Professionals, Inc. is on a mission to unlock the potential of people and ideas as we salute our professional reentry teams.